Research & Consultancy that reveals & inspires!


The main drive of De Kleine Super is to genuinely understand why people behave the way they do,
and to develop with these insights new concepts and effective activities
that contribute in a meaningful way to a better future for all stakeholders involved.

In the areas of Consumer & Market Intelligence De Kleine Super provides the following services.


Where to play?

What are the market dynamics? Where can I play a significant role with my offer? Develop the right strategy for succesful marketing.

Innovation & Concept Development

How to win?

What are the needs in the market? In what way can I answer these needs in a meaningful way? Analyse and create market opportunities.

Marketing Communication

How to win?

In what way will I position myself and communicate? Develop impactfull marketing communication based on art & science.


Independent professional specialized in freelance market research, consumer insights & strategy.

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