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Research & Consultancy that reveals & inspires

The main drive of De Kleine Super is to genuinely understand why people behave the way they do,
and to develop with these insights new concepts and effective activities
that contribute in a meaningful way to a better future for all stakeholders involved.

In the areas of Consumer & Market Intelligence De Kleine Super provides the following services.


Where to play?

What are the market dynamics? Where can I play a significant role with my offer? Strategy development for successful marketing.

Innovation & Concept Development

How to win?

What are the needs in the market? In what way can I answer these need in a meaningful way? The analysis and creation of market opportunities.

Marketing Communication

How to win?

In what way will I position myself and communicate? Help develop impactful marketing communication based on art & science.

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De Kleine Super is a constructive partner
for many organizations
and also initiates its own projects.

Philips - logo

On an interim basis Hedwig Boerboom takes part of the Marketing Excellence team of Philips University in Amsterdam. She advises and supports the campaign managers of various business groups in the marketing communication process. She coordinates research projects during the campaign development, from creative development to copy pretesting.

Heineken - logo

Hedwig Boerboom supports the CMI team of Heineken International on a regular basis. As Consumer Intelligence Expert she worked with the core team of an innovative front end project and as researcher she was responsible for an International strategic portfolio study.
At the moment Hedwig is supporting the team with validation research of various innovation concepts.

De Kleine Super - project logo

De Kleine Super is an innovation concept that Hedwig Boerboom is currently developing. It concerns an interactive supermarket where grocery shopping is an experience. You put together your own meal, gather the ingredients in an exciting way and learn something about what you eat and where it comes from.

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Published articles and media appearances

EVMI - Feb 2013
Tijdschrift voor Marketing
CCM - 2013
Pompshop - July/Aug 2012
Signing covenant freezone Jan Eef - Amsterdam, Dec 2015

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Independent professional specialized in freelance market research, consumer insights & strategy.

Founder of De Kleine Super
& Chairman of shopping area association Jan Eef.

As professional

Hedwig BoerboomAfter earning her master's degree in Communication and Media at the University of Nijmegen Hedwig began her career as Project Manager Consumer Research at Motivaction International where she later held the position of Senior Research Manager for nine years. At Heineken Hedwig held the position of Consumer Intelligence Manager and was responsible for market research as the basis for the commercial strategy and operations of the Heineken brand. In 2014, Hedwig founded her own company De Kleine Super.
Hedwig has always had a great fondness for Fast Movers / Retail. With her knowledge she is very passionate in this segment to perform optimally and achieve the best results in the areas of innovation, concept development and research into consumer behavior.

View full CV of Hedwig Boerboom at LinkedIn.

As chairman of Jan Eef

jan eef - logoThe Shopping Street Association was founded in 2011 with the idea that not only entrepreneurs will benefit from a "healthy" shopping area. Thus Shopping Street Association Jan Eef became the first association of which entrepreneurs as well as residents and real estate owners can join. Hedwig Boerboom is chairman of the board which among other things oversees the annual plans and finances of the shopping street association.

Visit the website of Shopping Street Association Jan Eef.

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